The Gleneagles Agreement 1977

The importance of the debate is that it takes place only two months before the Commonwealth conference in Melbourne, although the whole issue of the Gleneagles agreement will undoubtedly be at the top of the agenda. It also comes at a time of great importance for the problems in New Zealand during the South African rugby tour. I say immediately that I fully support the action of Prime Minister Robert Muldoon. He was very courageous in many of his decisions, although he was well aware of the Gleneagles agreement. It is sad that he was quoted in the Times the other day when he said that his own small country was under-praised by the terrible actions of the yobs and hooligans of the far left. The Gleneagles agreement should never have illuminated the light of the world. It`s undisputed blackmail, and the sooner he`s brought back to calm, the better. If my friend Hon is the minister of sports, he should defend the athletes, because the vast majority of athletes in this country want to participate in the sport all over the world, which excludes South Africa. If, as intellectuals tell us in the media and elsewhere, reason, debate and discussion are the way to move the world forward, it is certainly right that it should be brought into sport so that athletes from Western countries such as the United States, France, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom can travel to South Africa and show South Africans how to play sport beyond colors. beliefs and different countries can work. In 1977, Muldoon joined the Gleneagles Agreement, a pact between Commonwealth leaders to prevent sporting contacts with South Africa, which at the time had an apartheid policy – a separate development for its black and white citizens. In 1981, however, he refused to prevent a highly controversial tour of New Zealand for the Springbok rugby team in South Africa.

This cartoon by Peter Bromhead deplores the resulting damage to New Zealand`s international reputation. Unfortunately, this agreement has become a mere political weapon for all those who want revenge on South Africa. Indeed, these people have had a seriousness that they do not deserve.

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