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IRS Installment Agreement

A wage garnishment, unlike other levies may have a serious influence on your financial wellbeing. The Internal Revenue Service takes your salary aside from a specific amount which can be exempted from levy according to the law. The actual amount how they leave available for you is based on numerous things such as the exemptions […]

Skip Loan Payments Without Destroying Credit

Loan deferment is often a special financing alternative that lets borrowers skip a payment without receiving derogatory credit scoring. The option to defer payments can be obtained for most varieties of loans including mortgage, auto, bank cards, and student education loans. Debtors must obtain lender approval and adhere to deferment policies. The loan deferment process […]

Deal With the Debt Collection Agencies

The motivation behind starting this post is due to a early credit card debt that I had with Barclay card. Debts that happen to be unpaid tend to be passed to third party business collection agencies agencies who seek to retrieve the outstanding balance using various means. Some of these are often very intimidating indeed. […]