How to Choose the Best Water Shoes

Picking a suitable pair of shoes can appear pretty challenging. Numerous factors influence the right choice of the standard shoe as well as a water one. So if you are going kayaking, surfing, boating, fishing or hiking, it is vital your water shoes ensure impeccable comfort, efficiency and safety.


In this article, we will figure out why you need aqua shoes and what things to consider while purchasing.

Why It Is Worth Wearing Water Shoes

  1. Foot Protection

Unlike usual flip-flops, this type of shoe is entirely closed, thus protecting your legs from the sharp sea or ocean shells, coral reefs, rocky terrains and scorching boat or yacht decks. Besides, due to their adapted to the feet’ anatomy and well-thought-out design, you may swim, explore the seabed and play on the pebble beaches trouble-free.

  1. High Comfort Level

Since aqua shoes contain EVA midsoles, they will be weightless throughout the day, dedicated to sea or mountain activities. What’s more, the venter or open upper design may provide extra breathability and speedy drying. Finally, if you are an extreme sports lover, just opt for water shoes with advanced heel cushioning to reach ultimate comfort.

  1. Traction

Slippery surfaces and smooth rocks are the most widespread reasons for tourists’ falls and injuries. So if you don’t want to spend your vacation at the hospital, it is better to get aqua shoes. Then you can effortlessly walk even potentially dangerous surfaces as their rubber outsoles enable you with credible traction and support.

  1. Perfect Temperature Regulation

Too cold water or hot sand may harm sensitive feet’ skin and spoil the beach day completely.  So putting on water shoes, no trouble of getting overcooled or overheated won’t arise, owing to a shoe ideally temperature control.

  1. Fashion Trend

Regardless of the primary purpose, water shoe has become an ever-growing fashion tendency. Still more and more trendsetters, influencers and celebrities tend to stylize and wear them in everyday life. So by adding such a pair to your wardrobe, you can stand a real fashion icon.

Tips on How to Select Your best-Fitting Water Shoes

Aqua shoe variety is incredible, with models of diverse thickness sole levels, crampon sizes and optionable velcro straps. While choosing such factors as age, gender and usage intentions are decisive. However, to buy precisely your cup of tea, it is also crucial to check the following things. You may visit this store and find the wishful pair on all points.

  1. Support

Many options are in stock with elastic straps. Nevertheless, if you strive for improved fixation and flexible adaption to the current needs, nothing will suit better than pairs with adjustable straps.

  1. Shock-Absorption

Another critical moment to examine before shopping is the shock-absorbed abilities. It implies that the internal sole has to be of EVA design and 1-2 cm thick. That way, walking on stones or long-distance hiring won’t be exhausting and troublesome, but extremely comfy and easy. Be sure your feet will thank you.

  1. Grippy Sole

Specific studs are integrated into the external sole to avoid slipping. In case you head for the seaside vacation, a thin small studded sole is just the job as it flawlessly integrates with sand, simultaneously ensuring versatility. However, for spending a mountainous retreat, we recommend thick big studded soles since local surfaces are harder there.