Catering Business Agreements

It is important for catering businesses with an agreement they will have clients sign before agreeing to cater a meeting for them. An agreement not just offers a business legal protection but can also be a good way to prevent confrontation with customers by allowing them accurately what they will be experiencing for their money.

Remember that two parties must agree before this kind of contract is valid. If you stack all the clauses for your business then you’ll definitely risk losing clients towards the competition. As well as protecting your own personal interests, give some thought towards the reassurances that your client is seeking. Be as flexible as you can for the point it doesn’t cost your catering business money or force you to accept unnecessary risk.

This page sets out a few of the points and clauses that you could consider including within your catering business agreement. You should speak with a lawyer before discovering a final agreement though.

Details on the Parties Involved

The contract should lay out the necessary both parties, the catering business and also the client. A specific person ought to be appointed as a representative of each one party and business dealings and communication is going through them. Include basic details including names, addresses and call numbers.

Basic Event Details

The date, some time to location from the event needs to be specified and details ought to be given about any right how the client should change these key details. Clarify the duration on the event and enjoy the client say yes to additional charges should case run for upwards of expected.

Give some consideration to problems that will certainly arise. If you are catering a backyard event then you’ll want to be in firm agreement with all the client in regards to what will happen in case you are rained out.

Catering Service and Menu Description

The agreement should determined to describe the catering business can provide in terms on the menu, kitchen, delivery and service.

It needs to be clear should the caterer is utilizing an on-site kitchen or making food off-site. No matter what, caterers will be needing space to organize food so it needs to be made clear with regards to exactly which rooms are going to permitted to use.

Go into detail to go into detail the menu that you’ve promised on the client. You may need to reserve the ability to make small changes towards the menu if you ever later realize that key ingredients cannot be sourced for a number of reasons. Set an obvious policy on leftover food and alcohol and who has the authority to take them home.

It should also be clear about which party is going to be providing cookware, serving equipment, utensils, decorations, furniture and also other items for the presentation.

Specify what number of staff you will probably be providing for a celebration and what their responsibilities are. The party to blame for cleaning up afterwards should also be specified.

Compliance with Regulations

Include some clauses inside agreement to reassure the consumer that your online business is reliable. Let them know that you simply carry liability insurance, are licensed and are employed compliance effortlessly local regulations with regards to your hygienic preparation and service of food.


Make it clear in regards to what options the buyer has with regards to payment and gives them a smaller discount should they pay promptly.

The price should be arranged clearly within the catering contract. If a conference is scheduled for the date which is well within the future then you might want to reserve the authority to raise your price slightly inside case that prices rise, causing your costs to boost.


Make customers pay an initial deposit to reserve your company’s services and determined details in the deposit with your contract. Let the client know under what situations the deposit is refundable and what their obligations are when they want to cancel. You should provide client some flexibility with regards to changing guest numbers but insist they confirm final numbers at the very least three or four days before so that you’ve got time to order stock and prepare.

Most caterers charge a little deposit during the time of booking and another a few weeks before a meeting when supplies are now being ordered. Finally, niche is usually due on the day on the event or right after.

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