Things Are Going Pretty Well Here

Of course the kids are becoming more of a handful every day, the two of them are involved in a conspiracy to drive me over the edge some days. They love the new place though. We promised them a dog and bought them this beautiful German Shepherd, who has already appointed herself their bodyguard. She is a puppy, but already rather frightening if she thinks you are going to beat a tiny butt. We might have to replace some of the fence after the sewer root removal company got done repairing some damage to the septic field. We had to take down the tree that caused it, which was not a big loss even if it was a big expense. They had to bring in a bucket truck to do the job and that meant that they had to take down two sections of fence. At any rate the cost was unexpected and it made a huge mess, but we are going to be able to handle it fairly well.

Aside from that everything has been going quite well. I love the location, since I can get in my truck and be at the office in around 10 to 15 minutes depending on traffic. It was taking me about 40 minutes on a good day before we moved out here. Tina’s mother is about as far away and she is delighted to watch the children while we are at work. She shows up bright and early before we are awake some days, some times she brings the makings of a huge breakfast if she thinks we do not have eggs and bacon and such. I do not mind that too much. When we come home she has often baked a pie or made the kids chocolate chip cookies. They seem to run wild in the back yard most days.

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