Envoy Air Cwa Agreement

Several years have passed since the outbreak of the US-Afghanistan war. The declaration of war against this troubled nation, considered the source and hub of terrorist attacks, left a deep mark. In the postwar period, a significant number of soldiers sacrificed their lives in pursuit of victory.

Recalling the onset of the war, which was met with opposition from millions of peace advocates, we remember the strong sentiment against war. Demonstrations took place, with individuals wearing anti-war T-shirts and silicone wristbands, parading on the streets. Rubber bracelets bore messages like “PEACE, NO WAR,” while many shirts were dyed scarlet to symbolize the brutality and violence of regional conflict. Even news reporters wore lanyards with these messages during various news conferences.

In this context, we must acknowledge the continuous emergence of contentious issues regarding whether more troops should be sent to this region. On one hand, we’ve dedicated an immense amount of time, energy, wealth, and lives to what is termed as peace-friendly combat worldwide. On the other hand, doubts arise about whether we should be so selfless, especially at the cost of numerous innocent lives within our nation.

More recently, Kai Eide, the top envoy for Afghanistan from the United Nations, expressed agreement that additional troops should be deployed to the country, aligning with the views of top U.S. and NATO commanders.

In response to this call, President Obama voiced his concerns. He hoped for a more effective strategy focused on dismantling the terrorist network. The policy of bolstering security at the expense of our own peace has reignited intense discussions within the U.S. and among NATO allies.

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