What Is A Closed Contract Agreement

Once you`ve indicated a contract to be signed, the following information announcement displays “last month`s activity” for costs and revenue, so you can see at a glance if future bookings are available. Once the contracts are added to the stack, use the Grid tab to check the contracts added. Check a contract and click the Delete () icon in the toolbar at the top of the form to remove all items added accidentally. If there are future bookings, the months will appear in red and a message (at the top of the screen) indicates that fee or revenue bookings are available in the coming months and that you cannot close. Last month`s activity information shows where future bookings are available. For example, for each type of project (for example.B. Is, original estimate, projected, total, etc.) last month`s activity is displayed for hours, units and dollars. If the lot month is 06/07 and you have Total Cmtd business units in 04/07 and Total Cmtd activity in 07/07, the black activity will be displayed units, but dollar activity will be red and you will not be able to conclude the contract. After running the stack, you can print out the JC Contract Contract Close Audit List for a list of all contracts/jobs that will be concluded.

If there are errors, the error list will tell you what to fix. You must close open batches, fill in the missing information and correct errors before you can complete a soft or definitive conclusion. Activity contracts booked one month later than the closing month must be withdrawn from the lot before they can be processed. If there are future bookings for the contract, the month will eventually be highlighted in red (i.e. the final revenue sections, last fee, last monthly activity for last month`s cost and/or activity for turnover). If you make a soft-close and allow booking in soft closed commands (flag in the JC company settings), the system allows you to close. If you do not allow reservation in Softclosed commands or if you make a hard conclusion, the system does not allow the conclusion and triggers an error when checking the stack. You must withdraw the contract from the lot before you can process the lot. You can see the status of a contract using the Contract Status field in the JC-Base contract form. You can change the status of a contract using this field using the following field: Use the JC Contract Close form to make a smooth conclusion or a final conclusion for the contracts concluded.

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