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Butler Will Have Another Shot at Final Four


After last season’s defeat against Duke, the Bulldogs have a new opportunity to win the first NCAA championship in school history. After assuring themselves a NCAA Tourney berth thanks to their condition as the Horizon League champ, the Bulldogs knew that there was only one way to go if they were really planning to make it into the Final Four and that was none other than “the Butler Way.” For back-to-back seasons the Butler Bulldogs have made the best from this style to rank themselves among the top four teams in college basketball worldwide.

This year they have also confirmed the strength and reliability of it by getting off their way three higher seeded rivals from major conferences. The first higher seed to be stunned by “the Butler way” was No. 1 Pittsburgh Panthers in the third round; game that the Bulldogs won 71-70 thanks Mike Howard’s free throw with 0.8 seconds left. After that epic victory Butler dismissed No.4 Wisconsin Badgers in the Sweet 16, in a game where they didn’t know how to manage a 20 point lead in the second half, which came to be reduced to 7 in the 61-54 win. No. 4 Florida Gators were next in line and the Bulldogs didn’t miss the chance to prove that “the Butler way” was also effective for over time victories, even if it was in a scenario as decisive as an Elite Eight final game can be. With the buzzer the score reported 60-points each, Bulldogs and Gators, forcing the overtime to be disputed. For a few seconds many fans believed to be having a deja vu, since their 2000 NCAA Championship confrontation also ended up tied at 60 and went to OT.

But that was going to be the only similarity with that game, because this time Butler was going to avenge their loss with a 74-71 victory over Florida. Shelvin Mack had put in 22 points for Butler in the regular time to arise as the squad’s top scorer. Luckily for his teammates he added five more in overtime, which included the three point jumper that put the Bulldogs ahead of the game 72-70 with only 1:21 to go in the OT.

Having knocked out three higher seeds to make their second Final Four appearance in a row had all Butler players euphoric of their accomplishment, which made Zach Hahn questioned himself if “any other mid-major has ever done this.” The answer to Hahn’s question -who came in from the bench and contributed with two three-pointers- is that only one team from outside the six power conferences had been able to sign back-to-back Final Four appearances was the UNLV Rebels from 1990-91.

What does make them unique is that fact that the Bulldogs did so without clinching No. 1 or No. 2 seed in both occasions. Butler coach Brad Stevens only had words of appreciation for his players, as they “carried their coach in a big way,” he said. And it couldn’t be any other way around, because their work as a team turned him into the youngest coach to dispute two Final Fours. Since it was established in 2006, “the Butler way” has always denied selfishness, which is one of its fundamental reasons as of why coach Stevens doesn’t take all the credit for this accomplishment.

But this “way” goes deeper than that, as it promotes humility, passion, unity, servant-hood and thankfulness, principles without which their program wouldn’t have gained prominence. It is under these principles that the Bulldogs will try to get another shot two win their first NCAA championship ring at Houston, where they will need to earn their way into the final by getting rid of the surprising No. 11 Virginia Commonwealth Rams, winner of the Southwest bracket. The Rams have also stunned higher seed teams on their way to the Final Four, which is the case of their most recent victim, the No. 1 seed Kansas Jayhawks, squad that they defeated 71-61. They will now go after the Bulldogs on April 2 at 6:09 ET, in a game where no matter who wins; it is already a surprise to have them both at this decisive stage.

Best NCAAB Conference in The Country – Mountain West Conference


When somebody asks you, what is the best conference in the country in college basketball, most people will instantly say the Big 12, Big Ten, Big East, or the SEC. While it is evident that these conferences deserve credit for their extraordinary play and their numerous teams atop the rankings, I am going to make a case for a little talked about conference. This conference is the Mountain West. Even though the Mountain West has been hit by the current uncertainty of university conference membership, they are not letting this affect their play on the court. With BYU and Utah leaving the MWC for greener pastures this past offseason, this left the MWC with only eight member schools for the 2011 season. Utah and BYU had been key contributors to this conference’s success over the past decade but the remaining universities have moved on and maybe put up the best results in conference history this year.

Right now the MWC has two of their eight schools in the top 25 with (20-3) San Diego State and (21-4) UNLV, with (19-4) New Mexico and (18-5) Wyoming right on their heels. It wouldn’t surprise to see them get as much as 50% of their members in the top 25 at some point before the end of the year. The MWC also has six of their eight universities in the top 100 of the RPI. This puts the MWC at 75% of their schools in the top 100 of the RPI. Only the Big Ten has a higher rate at 83%. The MWC currently ranks as the 5th best conference in the RPI ahead of perennial powerhouses like the ACC and PAC 12 and just hundredths of percentage points behind the top rated Big Ten Conference. The MWC schools have racked up wins against the likes of Arizona, Cal (2), North Carolina, Illinois, Virginia, and Saint Louis who have all been rated in the top 25 at some point this year. Not included in this list are a number of other BCS schools like USC (3), Arizona State, Washington State, Boston College, Oklahoma State, Colorado (2), Texas Tech, and Utah. Most of these BCS schools have more resources than any of these MWC schools could dream of, but yet they have proven that money doesn’t buy wins.

Right now I legitimately think this conference deserves 4 bids to March Madness with the following schools: Locks to make the tournament UNLV (21-4) Best Wins: North Carolina, Illinois, Cal, New Mexico Questionable Losses: None Current RPI: 7 Strength of Schedule: 51 This is probably the easiest case to make out of all the MWC teams. Their win over, at the time #1 rated, North Carolina really propelled this team on the national stage. This is the best win this conference has produced this year and the only national recognition I have seen from the media on any team from the MWC. They have also taken wins from Illinois and Cal on their way to a solid overall season and a potential #2 seed. San Diego State (20-3) Best Wins: Arizona, Cal, UNLV, New Mexico Questionable Losses: None Current RPI: 21 Strength of Schedule: 85 San Diego State is one of those teams that have done nothing to shoot themselves in the foot and they show up for every game.

They have some goods wins but nothing that will get them considered for a top seeding like UNLV can receive. If they continue to play solid ball to finish the year I see them getting somewhere between a 3-5 seed. New Mexico (19-4) Best Wins: Saint Louis, Oklahoma State, Missouri State Questionable Losses: Santa Clara, New Mexico State Current RPI: 41 Strength of Schedule: 97 Even though this team doesn’t have any top caliber wins they have stockpiled a bunch of wins against quality opponents. Also in my opinion this team has the ability to make just as much noise in the big dance as UNLV and SDSU.

This team has depth and talent to go along with a great head coach in Steve Alford. This is my dark horse to make a big run in the tournament this year and they have the potential to make the final four if everything goes right. Right now New Mexico is looking at somewhere between a 7-10 seed. Still has work to do Wyoming (18-5) Best Wins: Colorado, UNLV Questionable Losses: Green Bay, TCU Current RPI: 84 Strength of Schedule: 163 Much like San Diego State, Wyoming has really played consistent all year and they haven’t had many slipups.

They just picked up their biggest win of the year last week against UNLV and going forward they can earn their way into the tournament. Their win over UNLV finally gets them in the conversation as a legitimate tournament team. This team also has a great group of players and they could be bracket busters in March. Don’t rule out a run to the sweet sixteen if this team slides in somewhere between a 9-12 seed.

Even though I think this conference deserves at least 4 teams in the tournament I am realistic. Many of the people deciding who gets in have what we call “east coast bias” or haven’t even seen these MWC teams play. I assure you these teams pass the eye test and if given a chance I think they would make serious noise in the March Madness. If given this opportunity I think many people would be convinced that this year the MWC is the most competitive conference in the country.

NBA – History of Dallas Mavericks


The Dallas Mavericks have been around since 1980 and are a professional basketball team that plays in the National Basketball Association. They play in the Southwest Division of the Western Conference of the league and are based out of Dallas, TX. The Mavericks have consistently been a great team in the league with a few exceptions. They have won a conference championship in 2006 and have also won three individual division titles in 1987, 2007, and most recently in 2010. They have had some incredible players over the years including Steve Nash, Dirk Nowitzki, and Jason Kidd but have still yet to capture a Championship. The Mavs have one of the most valuable franchises in the league at about $466 million. This puts them as having the seventh most valuable franchise among NBA teams.

The Mavericks were first created in 1980 and had a rough time putting together a team. In the 1981 draft they were able to pick up Jay Vincent, Mark Aguirre, and Rolando Blackman to help back their lone superstar, Brad Davis, and make something of the team. In 1982 they had their first winning season but were still not able to reach the playoffs. In 1983 they picked up Derek Harper in the draft and made their first appearance in the post season. Around 1986 the Mavericks were finally starting to get into their groove. They got a Midwest Division Title that year but they went out early in the playoffs after suffering a defeat to the Seattle Supersonics. The team would visit the playoffs over the next few years but still struggled to get too far into the post season.

By 1990 they would lose one of their valuable players in Sam Perkins and would fall to the bottom of the standings with only 28 wins on the season. In 1994 the Mavericks picked up Jason Kidd in the draft, and he had a supporting cast of Jim Jackson and Jamal Mashburn. They were a formidable scoring force in the league and Jason Kidd even led the league that year with triple doubles. Even with these weapons, however, the team still was not able to reach the playoffs so they went through another rebuilding stage where they got rid of Jason Kidd and got Michael Finley, Sam Cassell, and A.C. Green. This didn’t prove to do too much until in 1998 they secured the rights to Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash and would start a dominant run.

They would also change management when Mark Cuban bought the franchise from its original owners. This lineup would prove to be a good one as the Dallas Mavericks would reach the NBA Finals in 2004-2005 but ended up losing to the Miami Heat in six games. Since then they have traded out Nash and acquired Jason Kidd again and have built a solid team. Going into the 2010 playoffs they were the second ranked team in the Western Conference. They have showed their dominance over other teams in the league and look to be a real force in the post season. Dirk Nowitzki is nearly unstoppable from anywhere on the floor and Jason Kidd is playing as well as he did when he entered the league sixteen years ago.

See the Knicks play at Madison Square Garden


The New York Knicks is a name to be reckoned with and there is no doubt that it is at the heart ofthe matter for all basketball fans. Only two teams have stayed true to their home town since theirorigins and the Knicks are one of them. This makes them the quintessential New York basketballteam and also the team that many of the world immediately associate with the great game.Immortalised in films, TV shows and music, the New York Knicks are a perfect example of basketballgreatness and so much more. There is no doubt that history makes up a great deal of the excitement and passion that makes upthe club. The Championship years may not come around as often as they did in the 60s and 70sbut the Knicks have always bounced back. Stars like Patrick Ewen and Willis Reid have written theirnames all over the record book and are still talked about in excited tones by Knocks fans today.

Notthat the current crop should feel intimidated by these legends though as there are a number of greatplayers in the current line-up. There is something magical about the New York Knicks when they are on form, carrying the hopesand dreams of their city on their shoulders. Sporting success, like in many cities, is crucial to thepsyche of the average New Yorker and the form of the Knicks can have a massive impact on the dayto day mood of people in the city. Roaring along in support of the team could make the differenceto the sort of service you receive the following day! This is why so many people are turning to make sure that they grab hold of their New York Knicks tickets.

Of course, if you want to see the New York Knicks in their true home, you will have the chance to seeone of the finest venues the world has ever seen. Madison Square Gardens is not only an amazingsporting venue, it has played host to some of the biggest names in music, comedy and theatre aswell. There is no doubt that buying Madison Square Garden tickets is as big a part of the event formany people as getting to see the basketball action! If you are a tourist looking to see all the sightsor you just want to see one of the finest sporting venues around, a visit to the MSG has to be onyour agenda.

The retired jerseys hanging from the rafters indicates that the New York Knicks have more thantheir fair share of heroes and legends but there is plenty of room for more. With keen rivalries andtensions with a number of other NBA teams, there is usually a heated passion and excitement to befound in the MSG when the Knicks are playing. When it comes to watching quality basketball in aworld famous venue, it is hard to find better than the New York Knicks and Madison Square Gardens.

Repeat as champions is the battle cry of Boston Celtics in 2008 National Basketball Association.


Boston Celtics settled successfully as a home team for the last two years since they got Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen on hands. However, Celtics nearly missed the chance to either win or even tie their Friday November 19 game when Oklahoma City Thunder gifted Celtics 89-84 their first home loss of the season. Celtics had a chance to win this game when Thunder was playing without Kevin Durant, who led Thunders to wind up their current regular season with 50 wins and earned the eighth seed in the Western Conference playoffs. C’s Friday game winning chances were bright when they forced Thunders to miss their 12 final field goal shots, however the well-known defense of the Celtics did not come up to help, especially in the first half of the game. Kevin Garnett scored the highest 16 points for the Celtics. Boston Celtic has already won 3 in a row and eight of nine this season and that put the Celtics on this season’s highest than ever average 5.4 rating on the Boston’s local cable TV.

The Friday loss of Boston Celtics dimmed the joys of the news that broke out on November 17th that former legend Celtics captain Bill Russell was named as the recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama. Boston Celtics, 17 times NBA Championship winner also stands at number 9 in the top 10 list of the most dominant, greatest, teams in NBA history. Celtics will play their next two back-to-back games against the Toronto Raptors on Sunday afternoon and on Monday night against Atlanta Hawks. The Sunday game will be the Paul’s 896th game with Boston.

Boston Celtics might play both the games without their center Jermaine O’Neal who is out of the court due to an ongoing left knee injury. Buying your Boston Celtics Tickets guarantees you’ll get the best seats available within in any stadium or arena . Boston Celtics also went into partnership with the leading integrated media intelligence solutions provider, VMS to provide media monitoring and analytics services to the Celtics.

By going into this agreement Celtics would have access to VMS’s media monitoring platform to track information about their organizations from various sources including broadcast, print, radio, or social media such as blogs, Twitter and Facebook. The winter holiday season is about to begin and the Boston Celtics dancers have collaborated with the Boston Sports Clubs free dancing classes to both women and men. Boston Celtics is scheduled to play a premium game against Chicago Bulls on Saturday, January 8, 2011. This would be a limited seated game to establish Eastern Conference supremacy.

1968 Season In Ncaa Basketball


The 1968 season in NCAA Men’s Basketball would be an exciting one. While it was exciting, there was definitely one team that would be the favorite over all of the other teams in the nation. The UCLA Bruins had won the NCAA tournament to win the National Championship the previous year. They had also already won other titles during the 1960s and many people assumed that they would just come back and win again. Some people felt like UCLA could not be beaten. While this was said, most people didn’t understand just how unbeatable UCLA would be for years to come. This year UCLA would be led by the coach John Wooden and the famous Lew Alcindor.

While Lew Alcindor is famous, he is not nearly as famous under the name Lew Alcindor as he is under the name Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Abdul-Jabbar would go on to become one of the best NBA players of all time. He scored more points than any other player in the history of the game. His dominance started in the NCAA under the direction of Wooden. UCLA cruised through the season and managed to find their way to the top of the nation previous to the tournament. There would be 23 teams that would be invited to the tournament. These 23 teams would participate in single elimination play to determine the National Champions. The teams that played were Boston College, Columbia, Davidson, La Salle, North Carolina, St. Bonaventure, St. John’s, Bowling Green, East Tennessee State, Florida State, Kentucky, Marquette, Ohio State, Houston, Kansas State, Louisville, Loyola, TCU, New Mexico, Santa Clara, Weber State and of course UCLA. There were a few teams that stood out from the rest of the competition.

One of the teams was North Carolina. They were positioned in the East Regions. They managed to put away St. Bonaventure and Davidson en route to qualifying for the Final Four. The teams that stood out in the Mideast division were Ohio State and Kentucky. Each of them beat their opponents and squared off to see who would go on to the Final Four. The game between these teams was one of the best games in the tournament. The final score was 82-81 in favor of Ohio State. The Midwest Region was dominated by Houston. They managed to beat TCU by 35 points in the game to determine who would go to the Final Four. Many people felt like Houston would be the greatest challenge for UCLA in the tournament. UCLA would win the West Region by beating New Mexico State and Santa Clara.

North Carolina and Ohio State faced off in the games between the teams from the Eastern regions. North Carolina was just too good for Ohio State and won the game by 14 points. In the game between the teams in the Western regions UCLA was dominant. They pounded Houston 101-69 and advanced to the Finals to take on North Carolina. UCLA was just too much for North Carolina, winning by 23 points in the National Championship Game. Lew Alcindor would be named the Most Outstanding Player of the tournament.

The Last One Left Without Notice

For the past couple of weeks, a corporate secretary has been working in the office because our former secretary decided to call it quits. She wasn’t satisfied with her job and wanted to have something more meaningful. We were in a hurry to find someone who could take her place, so the boss gave me the task of finding a secretary that would be able to fill her shoes on a short notice. I didn’t think that it would be an easy task to do, but I was able to do it by looking at some websites that specialize in secretaries for corporations.

So far, things have been working out well with the secretary. All of the work that the old secretary was able to do, the new secretary has been able to pull off without a hitch. It’s a good thing that she was able to keep the work going so well, because we had some important clients that we needed to do business for, and the secretary was key in making sure that we had all of the information we needed to meet their needs. We don’t often get clients of that magnitude, so when we do, we like to put our best foot forward.

None of us have any idea where the old secretary is working now. She cut off contact with everyone who works in the office. We all thought that she was our friend, but I guess she was just tolerating us until she was finally able to break free from the job. It’s a shame that sometimes people don’t connect with their job and will burn bridges with the people that they’ve met, but I guess that’s just the way some people are. As long as the new secretary stays with us, we should be fine.

The Lakers Can Not Find an Antidote Against Chris Paul


With 23 second-half points the Hornet’s point guard led his team to victory and now the series is tied to two. Controlling the paint was going to be the key factor to win game four in the series between the Los Angeles Lakers and the New Orleans Hornets, which had the defending champions on the lead 2-1. Playing at home and with the support of their people, Sunday night was a great opportunity for the Hornets to square the series at two games apiece. Chris Paul and company were going to make it happen.

With 27 points, 15 assists and 13 rebounds for his first triple double of the season, Chris Paul was simply unstoppable for the Lakers that still can’t find an antidote for the cause of their headaches. Not even their franchise player Kobe Bryant was capable or outshining the Hornets’ top performer, and LA’s No. 24 had nothing but praises towards him at the end of the game, stating that: “you’re dealing with one of the best point guards in this game.” Paul’s 23 second-half points were crucial for the Hornets’ 88-93 victory over Los Angeles, a performance that perfectly backs up Bryant’s comment about him.

He saved the best for last after a very discrete first half, accounting for 58% of New Orleans’ points in the decisive fourth quarter, which also included aborting a shot to assist Jarrett Jack with 9.3 seconds to go to put things 90-86. That decision of aborting the shot was a great sign of Paul’s comradeship, a virtue that many Lakers accuse Bryant of lacking, as he usually takes all the decisive shots despite having teammates open to take those shots, and him not being in the best position to do so.

Questioned about his decision to abort that shot, Paul was brief and concise in his response as he explained that: “I was about to take one of the worst shots I’d taken all game,” and saw Jack better positioned. It was definitely a bad night for Bryant, as he not only lost his second of four showdowns against Paul, but also finished the game with an injured left ankle that forced him to leave the New Orleans Arena in crutches. His 17 points, 8 assists and 6 rebounds were insufficient to guide his team to a victory that would have left them in a pretty favorable situation: a 3-1 lead with game five to be disputed on Tuesday 26 at home, where everything could have been decided on their favor.

Despite this and having missed a 3-point attempt with two minutes to go which could have evened the score to 83, Bryant wasn’t the only player responsible for the defeat. Like we said earlier, controlling the paint was the key for winning this game. And here is where the Lakers failed, in great part due to the low performances from players like Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol that together reported just 13 rebounds, in contrast with Paul, who had the same number of rebounds all by himself. The Lakers have two great problems to face now: number one is stopping Paul of course, and number two is having more presence in the paint. If they manage to solve these problems they shouldn’t experience no more counteracts in the series, but it they fail to do so the underdog might end up upsetting the defending champions with an early elimination from the 2011 NBA Playoffs.

He Likes Being with Younger Women

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