Advertising Agency Of Record Agreement

All campaigns, images and other materials created as part of this advertising service agreement are the customer`s intellectual property. This agreement, from and between [Sender.Company” (“Agency”) and [Client.Company” (“Client Company”) is a legally binding agreement. The Agency undertakes to provide advertising services in this text in exchange for payment by the customer described in accordance with the terms of this agreement. This contract terminates and replaces all previous agreements or agreements in this area. This agreement can only be changed by another handwriting duly executed by both parties. The advertiser wants the Agency to provide and provide the agency with the provision of advertising agency-specific services to the advertiser, as stated in this agreement. PandaTip: This model can be signed electronically by any computer or mobile device. Once you have sent your agreement, your client may have a possible e-signature without having to download special apps or software. The client agrees to pay for the promotional services provided by the Agency in accordance with the following rates: the advertiser undertakes to provide certain services related to the planning, preparation and placement of certain of the advertiser`s products, and the Agency undertakes to retain the Agency as a provider of the advertising services provided below. The Agency is committed to providing these services in accordance with the terms of this agreement.

If the client requires additional advertising services from the Agency, both parties negotiate the terms of these services and attach them to these conditions in addition to this contract. B. At the end of the advertiser, the advertiser agrees that any advertising, merchandising, parcel, plan or idea, established by the Agency and presented to the advertiser (whether done separately or in conjunction with or as part of other documents) that the advertiser does not wish to use remains the property of the Agency, unless the advertiser has paid the Agency for its services during the preparation of this article. The advertiser undertakes to return to the Agency any copy, artwork, disc or other physical embodiment of such creative work relating to such an idea or plan, held by the advertiser at the end or expiry of this contract. B. The Agency is committed to ensuring appropriate cooperation in the transfer or approval of third-party interest in all contracts, agreements and other agreements with advertising materials, suppliers, talents and other agreements that will not be used, as well as all rights and rights conferred on them, after they have been duly released from the obligations provided for them. This is the only agreement between the client and the agency. All additional services require a written endorsement to this agreement, which will be signed by both parties. (ii) The Agency`s Commission for Outdoor Advertising will be the standard rate allowed for advertising agencies if this rate is added to the

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